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The home for curious business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, and agency owners who want to decode the latest emerging tech trends, tools, and innovations into plain English. We empower you to stay ahead, inspired, and never left tech behind in growing your business. 

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Our 3 Core Ethos


Demystify tech innovations to fuel curiosity without the barrier of complexity. Dive into each emerging technology with an open mind and discover its potential to revolutionize your business.


By understanding and adopting emerging technologies, you can future-proof your businesses, ensuring you're not left behind as the digital & technology landscape evolves.


Understanding these technologies allows for informed decision-making about integrating them into business strategies, leading to more effective and efficient operations.

What You Get When You

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Never Tech Behind™ Community

We Hangout and Talk Emerging Tech

Weekly Tech Round Table Chats

Regular updates on the latest trends, tools and gadgets. Stay informed and prepared for changes that could impact your business. You will be at the forefront of your industry, ready to adapt and thrive as technologies evolve.

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The Never Tech Behind™ Weekly Newsletter

Receive concise, valuable information on tech trends and developments directly to your inbox. You will save time on research and ensure you're always up-to-date with the latest tech news.

Latest Tools, Trends, and Insights

Monthly Workshops & Guest Experts

It's not just about knowing about AI, it's figuring out how to integrate it into your business. Each month, we focus on one aspect of integrating AI into your business...you will have access to no hype, plain English trainings. In addition, we will be bringing in guest experts on various topics to share their knowledge, insights, and trainings. We will be continually adding new trainings each month. You will feel confident in your ability to discuss and leverage these technologies in your business as these trainings will be consistently added to. 

What Else You Get When You JOin Us Inside

The goodness that this community offers doesn't stop there...

Access to structured resources on emerging technologies

Gain a solid understanding of complex concepts like AI, Blockchain, and Web3. You will feel confident in your ability to discuss and leverage these technologies in your business.

Guidance on safe navigation of the tech landscape

Avoid scams and security risks associated with new technologies. You'll be able to navigate the tech world with peace of mind, knowing you're making secure decisions.

Access to a community of like-minded professionals

Share insights, ask questions, and learn from others who are also navigating the tech landscape. You will feel supported in your journey and build valuable connections in your industry.

Expert advice, insights and support

Get your tech questions answered by professionals with deep industry knowledge. You will feel confident in your tech decisions, knowing they're backed by expert advice.

Practical, hands-on learning opportunities

Apply your new tech knowledge directly to your business. You can see immediate benefits from your membership as you implement new strategies and tools.

What A Few Of Our Members Had To Say

Happy Members Had To Say

" This is hands down one of the best groups that I've ever been in. We talk about things that need to be talked about but no one is."

Michelle Thompson

Founder & CEO, AwesomeOutsourcing.com

"This group is so friggin' helpful! Thank you so much for always explaining things in a way to us that makes sense no matter what level of experience we're at."

Sami Raby

Co-Founder, The Funnel Flippers

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